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Inexpensive Gifts for Bookkeepers

Below are some bookkeeper designs I have created. Most of them can be found at both CafePress and Zazzle.

Bookkeeper Mugs and Gifts

Lunar Base 7 Bookkeeping Division mug.

Lunar Base 7, Bookkeeping Division

Bored with your current job? Would a change in location make it more interesting? This design represents a mission logo for a future space colony. Included are the words "Lunar Base 7" and "Bookkeeping Division".

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.

American Society of Renegade Bookkeepers mug.

American Society of Renegade Bookkeepers

For those who dream of becoming a troublemaker.

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.

World Legion of Evil Bookkeepers mug.

World Legion of Evil Bookkeepers

Is your occupation not nearly as exciting as you wish? Perhaps joining the World Legion of Evil Bookkeepers will help brighten your day?

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.

Let there be accountants mug

The Creation of Accountants

"Thou Shalt Separate The Debits From The Credits. - Genesis 1:37"

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.

Be the spreadsheet mug

Be the Spreadsheet

It's not enough to master the spreadsheet, accounting perfection requires that you become the spreadsheet. Naturally, Earth shattering revelations such as this belong on mugs and t-shirts.

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.


"Warning Sign" Bookkeeper Mugs!

Ornery? Jaded? Hard to get along with? The following designs can warn others about your personality. The designs are available on t-shirts, mugs, cards, mousepads, and other products.

Magnets and stickers can be displayed in your office cubical to give coworkers and clients fair warning of your disposition. They can't say they haven't been warned!

Funny bookkeeper warning sign gifts.

Arguing with the Bookkeeper may be ineffective!

Are clients vocally unhappy with the numbers you're giving them? Well numbers don't lie. You can only do so much with the data supplied by the client. So hold up your coffee mug with this design facing them. Let them know how futile it is to argue with the bookkeeper!


Please, don't wake the Bookkeeper!

Are clients and co-workers disturbing your nap time with pointless interruptions? This humorous design looks like a warning sign and includes the words "Safety First. Please, don't wake the Bookkeeper".

Remember, not only is it rude to wake a sleeping bookkeeper, but it can be dangerous for all involved!


Beware of The Bookkeeper

Design includes the words "Beware of The Bookkeeper" and "Owner assumes no responsibility".

Ornery bookkeepers can be just as dangerous as angry dogs. It's only proper to give warning to co-workers and clients!

(Note: Unfortunately, this sign has little legal bearing. You can still be held liable for damages if your bookkeeper bites someone.)


Please, Do Not Feed The Bookkeeper!

Although domesticated bookkeepers may appear mild mannered and tame, always remember they can have a wild streak. It is extremely dangerous to approach a bookkeeper with food in hand.


Starfleet Command, Bookkeeping Division

Starfleet Command, bookkeeping division gifts.

Would a change of employer make your job seem more interesting?

A great gift idea for Star Trek fans.

CafePress, through a license agreement with CBS, allows artists to incorporate Star Trek elements into their designs.

Click here to see this product on over 300 CafePress products.

Starfleet Command gifts for bookkeepers.

I have Several Bookkeeper Designs on Zazzle

Below are some of My bookkeeper designs available at Zazzle. They are available on several styles of mugs and many apparel items.

Bookkeeper gifts available at Zazzle.

Zazzle Offers These Designs on Several Mug Styles

Bookkeeper mug gifts.

Bookkeeping Themed Wall Clocks


These bookkeeper clocks are available in three styles. A basic clock, with a black plastic frame, has a diameter of 10 inches. A larger wall clock measures 17 inches in diameter. Finally, a 14 inch diameter clock, with an aluminum body and glass face, is also available. These classy designs fit in well with professional bookkeeper office decor.

Accounting clocks for sale.