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Funny Gifts for Dental Care Occupations

This page highlights some of the dentistry themed t-shirt and mug designs I have created. I also have designs for other healthcare occupations, including nurses, phlebotomists, optometrists, and psychologists.

Click on any of the images below to see these designs on many great products, including clothing items and household goods.


Galactic Conquest Command: Dentistry Division

Galactic conquest command, dentistry division.

Want to work for a more interesting employer?

Over-the-top design for dentists that might be bored with their current employer. Includes the words "Galactic Conquest Command" and "Dentistry Division".

Would your career be more exciting if you worked for another company? Consider becoming a henchman for the Evil Overlord.

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.

Dentistry division mugs.

Gifts for Dentists with a Sense of Humor

Funny Dentist and Dental Hygienist shirts for sale.

It's not enough to master the drill, perfection in dentistry requires that you become the drill. Naturally, Earth shattering revelations such as this belong on mugs and t-shirts.

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Do You Sometimes Wish You Were Practicing Dentistry in a More Interesting Location?

Dentist space shirts for sale.

These designs make are great for dentists who are interested in space exploration or science fiction books and movies. They also make great gifts for dental hygienists.

Click the image to see these designs on over 100 great products!

Starfleet Command gifts for dentists.

Do Some Dentists Need Warning Signs?

Funny Dentist t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale.

Beware of the Dentist

Design includes the words 'Beware of The Dentist' and 'Owner assumes no responsibility.'

Remember, ornery dentists can be just as dangerous as angry dogs! Your co-workers and patients need to be warned.

Please, Do Not Feed The Dentists

Design includes the words - "NOTICE, For your own safety!, Please, Do Not Feed The Dentists!"

Prints and stickers can be displayed in your office to give coworkers and patients fair warning of your disposition. They cant say they haven't been warned!

Versions of this design are available for both Dental Hygienists and Orthodontists.

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Dentistry Designs at Zazzle

Most of these designs featured on this page can also be found at Zazzle.

Dentist mug designs for sale at Zazzle.

Want an inexpensive way to thank your entire dental practice staff?

T-shirts or mugs, with one of these humorous designs, can be a great way to reward your staff for a job well done!