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Mugs, T-shirts and Gifts for Pharmacy Professionals

This page features some of the pharmacy themed mug and t-shirt designs I have created.

Mugs and Gifts

Please don't wake the pharmacist mug

Please, Don't Wake the Pharmacist

Are interruptions interfering with your nap time? Pharmacy can be a stressful job. Let others know that you don't appreciate interruptions when napping in the office. This humorous design looks like a warning sign and includes the words "Safety First. Please, don't wake the Pharmacist".

Remember, waking a sleeping Pharmacist can be dangerous for all involved!

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.

Arguing with the pharmacist may be ineffective mug

Arguing with the Pharmacist may be Ineffective

Tired of arguing with others? Feel like you're going in circles with some people? This humorous design includes the words "NOTICE. Arguing with the Pharmacist may be ineffective!

Wearing a t-shirt, or using a coffee mug with this design lets everyone know that arguing is just going to be a waste of time.

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.

Pharmacist, back off, give me some room to work mug

Give Me Some Room to Work

Are you a pharmacist who just wants to get the job done? Tired of people bothering you with trivialities when you know there's work to be done?

This design includes the words "Pharmacist - Back Off! Give me some room to work."

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.

Let there be pharmacists mug

The Creation of Pharmacists

So what exactly is the early history of the pharmacist profession? When did it all start? Is it possible that pharmacy goes back much farther than realized? Recently unearthed ancient verses may provide important clues.

This tongue-in-cheek design includes the words "Let there be pharmacists, to dispense medications to people in need. - Genesis 1:36".

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.


Not looking for mugs?

These designs are available on a large variety of products, including t-shirts, aprons, mousepads and cards. Gifts with attitude that Pharmacists can actually use around the workplace!


Starfleet Command, Pharmacy Division

Starfleet Command, pharmacy division gifts.

Would working for another organization make the daily grind more interesting?

A great gift idea for pharmacists who are Star Trek fans.

CafePress, through a license agreement with CBS, allows artists to incorporate Star Trek elements into their designs.

Click here to see over 300 products with this design.

Starfleet Command gifts for pharmacists.

More Pharmacist Designs

The following designs are available on a variety of products, and can be found at either Zazzle or CafePress.

Disgruntled Pharmacist mug Dangerous Pharmacist mug Abnormal Pharmacist mug Be one with the medications mug Master of the medications mug Pharmacy, occupation of kings mug Pharmacist, show me the prescription mug

Want Customizable Pharmacist Gifts?

Need Promotional Items for a pharmacy Business?

Many of my pharmacist designs are available on Zazzle. Zazzle allows customers to personalize their products by adding additional text or graphics of their choosing.

Customization can also prove valuable to small pharmacies looking to acquire promotional or motivational items. The company logo or marketing message can be printed on the product along with the existing design. Zazzle also offers discounts for bulk purchases. A great benefit if you plan on buying gifts for everyone in the company, or promotional gifts for a large number of customers.

View all pharmacist designs at my Zazzle store.

Please Note: The images on this page only show one style of mug. Using the Zazzle service, you can select any of several mug styles, including two-tone mugs, steins, travel mugs, and even a frosted glass mug. Customizable t-shirts and other products are also available.