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Gifts for Plumbers

This page highlights some of the plumbing themed mug and t-shirt designs I have created. I also have designs for other skilled trades, including welders, mechanics, and machinists.

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Plumbers Designs

American Society of Renegade Plumbers mug.

American Society of Renegade Plumbers

Is your occupation not nearly as exciting as you wish? Perhaps joining the American Society of Renegade Plumbers will help brighten your day?

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.

World Legion of Evil Plumbers mug.

World Legion of Evil Plumbers

Is a secret league of plumbers planning world domination? Not very likely... At least not as far as the rest of us know.

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.

Master of the pipes mug

Master of the Pipes

To be a great plumber, it's not enough to simply be familiar with the pipes, you must become "Master of the Pipes"

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.

Disgruntled Plumber X mug

Disgruntled Plumber

This design features the word "Plumber" with the word "Disgruntled" stamped across it.

A great gift idea for a plumber who is always grumbling about the job.

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.

Plumbing occupation of kings mug

Plumbing - Occupation of Kings

This design features the words - "Plumbing - Occupation of Kings!"

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.


Has your team just completed a major project?

Mugs or water bottles, with one of these humorous plumbing designs, can be a great way to reward your staff for a job well done!

Have You Ever Wished You Were Practicing Your Trade in a More Interesting Location?

Plumber gifts with space themes.

Great designs for plumbers who are interested in science fiction or space exploration.

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Starfleet Command gifts for dentists.

Do Some Plumbers Need Warning Signs?

Funny Plumber t-shirts and gifts for sale.

Arguing with the Plumber may be Ineffective

Tired of arguing with others? Feel like you're going in circles with some people?

This humorous design includes the words "Notice" and "Arguing with the plumber may be ineffective!"

Wearing a t-shirt, or using a coffee mug with this design, lets everyone know that arguing is just going to be a waste of time.

Please, don't wake the Plumber

Are interruptions interfering with your nap time? Fixing things can be a stressful job.

Let others know that you don't appreciate interruptions when napping on the job. This humorous design looks like a warning sign and includes the words "Safety First" and "Please! Don't wake the Plumber".

Please, Do Not Feed The Plumbers

This mug design features the words - "NOTICE! For your own Safety! Please, Do Not Feed The Plumbers!"

The domesticated plumber, although appearing docile and tame, can have an unpredictable violent streak. Always use caution when handling food around them.

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Plumber / Genesis Mugs

The Creation of Plumbers

So how long has the plumbing trade been in existence? Recently discovered ancient verses seem to indicate that plumbers might have existed much longer then previously believed.

This tongue in cheek plumber design features the words - "Let there be plumbers, to assemble vast tube systems to deliverith clean water and to draineth away foul matter. - Genesis 1:36".

Plumbing isn't just a job, it's a calling!

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.


Most of these Plumber Gifts are also Available at Zazzle

Mugs for plumbers for sale.

Need Promotional Items for Plumbing Business?

Most of my Plumber designs are also available on Zazzle. Zazzle allows customers to customize their products. In other words, a customer could select a mug or t-shirt with one of these designs on one side, and could supply a graphic or text of their choosing, to put on the reverse side of the product. This sometimes works good for gift giving, allowing you to personalize the gift.

Customization can also prove beneficial to small companies looking to acquire promotional or motivational items. The company logo or marketing message can be printed on the product along with the existing design.

Zazzle also offers discounts for bulk purchases. A great benefit if you plan on buying gifts for everyone in the shop, or promotional gifts for a large number of customers.

Please Note: The images on this page might only show one style of mug. On the Zazzle site, you can select any of several mug styles, including two-tone mugs, steins, travel mugs, and a frosted glass mug. Customizable t-shirts and other products are also available.


Zazzle Offers These Designs on Several Mug Styles

World Legion of Evil Plumbers mug gifts.

Let There be Pipefitters....

Let there be pipefitters framed print.

Where do pipefitters come from?

This framed print includes the words "Let there be pipefitters, to attachith sections of pipe onto other sections of pipe. Genesis 1:37".

Looks great hanging on the office wall of a plumber with a sense of humor. This design is also available on t-shirts, mugs, and other products.

Products with this design are available at both Zazzle and CafePress.